Shortlist, Leederville


Shortlist is a must try for your new brunch spot this year.  Located in the heart of Leederville on Oxford Street, it can’t be missed.

The food falls anything but short in this place. With the option to have a healthy hit if your in the “New Year, New Me” vibe or the option to indulge if you already know “perfection can’t be perfected”acai-bowl-short-list

If your  wanting to cool down this summer, try their Acai Bowl. It’s fresh and fruity with whole lot of tasty toppings……and hey your body will love you for it!

Now Leederville as expected does get busy on weekends, so heading in earlier rather then later will probably help you avoid missing out in a table.

But don’t be fooled into thinking that you are going to be fighting for elbow space in this pad.  The set up features mainly high tables
with stool seats, making it easy to come and go.

When it’s mid- week and you after a place to relax and sit back, the Shortlist should be your first pitstop.