Three Sisters.


Since travelling to Vietnam over a year ago, I have always struggled to find authentic Vietnamese food…..that is until I ate at Three Sisters.

Nestled on Oxford Street, Leederville,  you could easily pass this dainty tuck shop without noticing.  With simple set up and minimal decor, Three Sisters really does feel like a hidden gem!


The menu only has 4 items to choose from – Pho’, Banh Mi, Goi Cuon (rice paper rolls) or Bun Thit Nuong (vermicelli noodle salad) . However I really do believe that this is positive rather than a negative! Each dish is equally as delicious as the other, making it a difficult choice .






Recently I have been trying to follow a plant based diet so I chose the tofu rice paper rolls and the vegan Pho’ (I told you it was hard to choose just one). This quite possibly may be the best Pho’ I have ever tasted!


Served with mushrooms, baby corn, mushroom sprouts, onion and tofu along with self serve garnishing to top, my foodie senses were instantly ignited. The broth was flavoursome with veggie infusions which was perfect after having the freshly made tofu rice paper rolls.


Since I can’t travel to Vietnam as frequently as I would like to, Three Sisters is the closest option in letting me revisit, even if it’s momentarily.  Get your hands on a bowl of their  delicious Pho’ and I promise you, you will not regret it.