Someday Coffe Co.


Someday Coffee Co is the newest addition on Cambridge Street, in Floreat. An area once known for being on the quieter side , is now seeing a lot of new faces since the opening of this new Cafe.

On a weekend you may have to wait a while for a table but if thats not a good indication for good food, then what is? For those who find it hard to be patient even for food,  I was also sitting on the fence as to wether I had it in me to stand patiently in line until I saw a dish being carried past me for another customer……. I knew I wasn’t going anywhere.

The top three things I loved about Someday Coffee Co:

The Menu: The variety of food was very impressive.  Theres nothing I love more then a menu that  includes choices for plant based foodies as much as foodies that love to eat everything!

cold-press-some-daysThe coffee options:  The weather has been pretty warm recently so it was lovely to sit down and enjoy a cold pressed coffee over ice. Rich in flavour and completely refreshing.

The Food tastes as good at it looks:  Now as I said before it was catching sight the food being served that caused me to stay.  If your a foodie, it’s one your going to be adding to your Instagram feed. However the freshness, the incorporation of different ingredients within the dishes and the overall deliciousness of the food, is what will make me return to Someday Coffee Co.


If your in Perth this long weekend, pop into Someday Coffee Co and although it may require a little patience, your Instagram and tastebuds will thank you for it later.




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