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How I keep my skin Hydrated on Holiday

Temple Spa Me

Whenever I spend a lot of time in a colder climate, my skin gets quite dehydrated. Since I arrived in New Zealand I started to use ‘Repose Aromatherapy Resting Cream by Temple Spa, that my mum had given to me a few months back. (Most likely to stop me being a Magpie and stealing hers)

So far I’ve been waking up every morning with soft, rested and most importantly, hydrated skin.

 But what’s the secret behind this beautiful product?Temple Spa

The Repose Aromatherapy Resting Cream  contains a combination of plant extracts like frankincense , chamomile and lavender.  These extracts have a super relaxing  effect on the mind & body easing you into a sense of calm.  The anti oxidants will assist with protection and renewal of the skin. Whilst the essential oils hydrate, nourish and revive the skins surface.

It’s definitely one to pack if your travelling or if you just want a  ‘pick me up’ for your skin. I mean whats better then getting a Spa treatment everyday? 

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