Spending a day in Dunedin, New Zealand

If your ever find yourself in Dunedin in the South Island of New Zealand I can guarantee your going to have a good time.  I spent a day and evening here and I really loved it, so much so that I wanted to share what you should do if your visiting.


SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI love starting my day with a good coffee so I stopped in at VanGuard Speciality Coffee Co. It has an Art Loft layout  with a very chilled and cool vibe.  The coffee is amazing and the food is pretty damn delicious too.  It’s a perfect place to start the day and ease into your morning.


Shopping is always on the cards whenever I visit a new city or town. It’s always good to have a look at local boutiques as you never know what you might find!  Head to George Street and pop into these two stores RUBY and AS Colour. These were my favourite as one had some really unique pieces and the other had great in store offers.  You will be sure to find something you love.



I think its important to educate yourself about the place your visiting and also the culture your emerging yourself in. So check out the museum,  have a wonder and  learn about Dunedin and how it came to be as upbeat and fun as it is.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESDunedin is home to the Highlanders,  a National Rugby Team in New Zealand.  So you have to make sure you check out a game in their Forsyth Barr Stadium. …….. and is it really a trip to New Zealand if you don’t watch a Rugby Game?



I loved this town and the day went so quickly when I was here but I guess that’s when you know your in the right place with the right people.







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