The Chedi Muscat Oman – a GHM Hotel

Summer time has officially hit and most of the gulf region have made best friends with their AC’s again.  The weather makes you want to melt but with the right set up, it makes it easy to enjoy the stronger rays and brush up on that tan.

I spent last weekend in Oman at the Chedi Muscat – a GHM Hotel and honestly I didn’t want to leave. As soon as I walked, I felt like I walked in sanctuary. Think white pillars, lush grass,  and big green palms.  Sounds like a slice of heaven, right?

Now you’re really spoilt for choice at The Chedi Muscat, with three different cabanas to choose from and a private beach only a few steps away from your villa, this place really is an oasis in the desert. IMG_6810

Now the set up is one thing but the food is where it goes to a whole other level.  Because I went in Ramadan, each night guests had the option to choose to experience  their unique  Iftar. Not one to turn down a buffet (let’s be real what kind of person does?)  I sat, ate, chilled and ate a little bit more of their traditional Mezzes; Hummus, Mattabal, Falafel and then moved onto their Arabic mains,  finishing with a selection of desserts and traditional tea.

The next night though I chose to dine at their beautiful restaurant the ‘Omani Arches’, which did not disappoint.  With chandeliers dangling from the ceiling, dark trazzo floors and candle lit tables you feel the ‘elegance’ as soon as you walk in. But with the live piano performance, open plan kitchens and big bay windows it creates a sense of intimacy easily enjoyed with friends or with your other half.

The Chedi Muscat – a GHM Hotel goes above and beyond to help de stress you from the outside world. Getting you to leave your stressors and tension by the front door when you enter and relax further more with their Spa & Wellness centre. Well you only need to ask me to do this once, any reason to indulge in a bit of TLC and I’m there.

The Spa feels like you have stepped from one continent to the other with an South East Asia touch and feel.  They offer you a selection of essential oils to use for your treatment, different smells to fit your taste (Lavender is always a win though). I indulged in their ‘Chedi Jade Massage’ which was a combo of Balinese, Thai, Swedish, Shiatsu and Lomi Lomi massage technique.  The best of all the massage worlds rolled into one and then rolling out all my aches, pains and tension. I think it could be the most relaxing massage I have ever had to date and I’m not sure how I’ve gone this long without experiencing it. Definitely a luxurious habit I’m wanting and willing to keep up!

Although my weekend was only two days long between lounging around their three Cabanas, a few dips in the ocean,  a traditional Iftar and their elegant dining experiences plus their deluxe spa treatment, it was like I was away a week. Sometimes that’s all you need to reset, re engage and embrace the week that’s on the way.

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